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“Ignorant of the Bible, Ignorant of Christ.
One who does not know Christ and does not know how to live.”

St. Jerome translated the Bible directly from the Hebrew and Aramaic languages into the Latin of the laity in the 4th century AD. Thus the Bible is also possible for the laity. This translation was recognized as the official bible of the Catholic Church at the Trinitarian General Assembly in the 16th century AD (1545-1563). It was from this translation that the biblical translation of the “Holy Bible” we used in Tamil was made. That is why we have the opportunity to know the Word of God. Thus the name of the Bible that St. Jerome translated from Hebrew and Aramaic into Latin was “Vulgata” (Vulgata = ready for the public). So “Vulgata” is an attempt to bring the word of God into the lives of the masses.

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